40PC Brake Caliper Wind Back Kit


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Professional 40pc Left and Right Brake Rewind Kit - NEW
The most comprehensive up to date set available at this moment in time.
This professional set 40 pieces allows rewinding of the piston back into the calliper bore on most disc brake callipers.
Allows servicing and replacement of worn pads on both wind back and conventional push back type brakes.
The kit has all the latest calliper keys for most vehicle makes and models.
Everything you need to change a set of brakes pads and virtually every car is covered.
Pin punchers 3 and 5 mm and L shaped elongated 6 and 7mm Allen keys help remove pads and for you to use the tool.
Features and Benefits :
The Set Of Adapters Are Suitable For A Wide Range Of Vehicle Applications.
This Is Suitable For Push Back And Wind Back Brake Pistons. It Includes Left And Right Handed Thrust Bolt Assemblies.
The Left Handed Thrust Bolts Are Suitable For Ford, Citroen And Renault Applications.
The Precision Made Adapter Plates With Thrust Bolt Assembly and Reaction Plate; Helps Prevent Damage to Pistons and Seals.
This Updated Adapter Set Is Suitable for the Latest Range Of Vehicles.
New improved 40pc Kit
Specifications :
•Barcode: 5053870002327
• Model No: JT502327
• 24 calliper keys
• Left and Right thread rewind tools
• 4 Special Reaction Plates
• 3 and 5 mm Pin Punches
• 6 and 7 mm hex keys with elongated 
• Pentagon Brake socket set 3pc
• Bespoke blow moulded carry case
Item Weight          Item Dimensions          Carton Weight         Carton Qty         Carton Dimensions
      4KG                  15 x 11.5 x 3.3 cm                  22KG                           5                      16 x 16 x 12 cm


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