1/4" Drive 14 PC Nutmaster Shallow Socket Set 4-15mm

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Sizes 4mm  to 15mm

14 pieces in the set on a socket rail

SHALLOW SOCKETS: 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

·        NUTMASTER sockets offers a better torque

·        NUTMASTER sockets reduces stress concentration

·        NUTMASTER sockets Prevents the fastener from rounding

·        Total contact between NUTMASTER sockets and fastener makes the turning labor-saving

What are NUTMASTER Sockets?

Nutmaster Sockets bring about the design by improving on the point contact between conventional socket and the nut by achieving total contact offering the following benefits:

         1.        NUTMASTER Sockets protect the nut, prevent the nut from rounding

2.        NUTMASTER Sockets always succeeds in those turn worn, sever rounded nut.

3.        NUTMASTER Sockets allow the socket to contact the nut away from the corner while the torque can evenly spread all over the head of the nut makes the turning labor-saving.

4.        NUTMASTER Sockets extend the life of nut.

5.        NUTMASTER Sockets was awarded and are patented.

Why are NUTMASTER sockets better?

Material, Forging, Vibrating, Forming, Heat Treating are the main processes and also the key factors of production.  NUTMASTER sockets however, far exceed other makers on the attention of each section.


Compared to other makers they are using normal chrome vanadium steel (50BV30) as their material, NUTMASTER sockets use high grade chrome vanadium steel (6140 & 8660).  This has excellent properties such as strength, toughness, and resistance to wear and fatigue after heat treating.


Compared to other socket makers they use opposite site punching to make the material deform, the concentricity is not easy to form in the center of the socket.  NUTMASTER sockets use succession punching from only one side forms the concentricity in center of socket, the vibration can be reduced while using the socket. Moreover, with NUTMASTER forging, the grains of the socket elongate and the strength of fibrous structure increased along the direction of flow after heat treating while the fibrous structure of other maker’s socket is in reverse order causing life of socket becomes shorter.


At least two times vibration in the process of production, NUTMASTER sockets are not only freeing the burr but also smoothing the surface compared to other socket makers they process only one time with the vibration.

Heat Treating:

Compared to other socket makers their carburization process heat treating can provide only on the surface hardening the fatigue strength of the steel however is reduced, NUTMASTER use heat treating throughout the socket to alter their physical and mechanical properties ensuring the hardness and durability.

Also available in

1/4" Deep 4 - 14mm 

3/8" Shallow 6 - 24mm

3/8" Deep 7 - 22mm

1/2" Shallow 10 - 24mm

1/2" Deep 10 - 24mm


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